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Friday, March 12, 2010, 10:24 AM


Al -

Let me help cure your sentimental teary eyes....Allow me to ask some questions and make some points.

  1. What year was the last time Skyline contributed to jerseys, league fees, etc.?  I'm pretty sure "SFRCP" (Neill A) was still going "70's style."  I'm pretty sure they were still playing football and tearing up the field in the fall at SFRCP.  We still played in the Umpire's Tournament.  I would bet the catcher for Varmits could still hit the bejesus out of the ball.  The left-center fielder for whichever team that was, was still talking trash from the outfield.  Walt could probably see the last time Skyline had a financial stake in the team.....And YOU certainly were still throwing the ball on the rubber and walking back to second base when the batter was taking too long to get ready in the box.....I'm just sayin'....
  2. I like Skyline as much as anyone, but I have not worked there for 10 years.  As I look at the roster, some of the guys who have played for 15+ seasons (wow, I'm old) no longer work at Skyline.  Think of them for a minute, rather than yourself.  Think of the team.
  3. I enjoyed playing for the Skyline Fighting Red C's (SFRC, if you will), and we can all continue playing for SFRC...The "S" just stands for Schlitz now.  Also worth noting, "Gusto Guys" is synonymous and the family friendly version of Fighting Red C's.  
  4. I have played wearing many-a-jersey with the "Skyline" name across my breast (I even wore the black mesh crap for most of one season).  In all circumstances, I cared more about the folks and beverages in the dugout than I did about the letters between my teets.  I expect the same out of the other GG/FRC players.
  5. Varmits / Billabong / etc. has made a few name changes.  If they can do it, we certainly can as well.
  6. One thing that has remained consistent in your 20 years is that we have remained nimble.  We have made adjustments.  We still played hard when the bench moved from the playing surface to behind the fence at SFRCP.  We still claim the 8th inning as our best when they no longer allowed beverages or kids in the dugout.  We adjust.  We cope.  We find players when we are short.  We add players to the roster, when others have to leave.  We are okay with change.  We have embraced technology by investing in a film room and a website.  We have seen players come and go and come back again.  We are nimble like that. 
  7. We are still smart.  We will still win the mental game every week and every game.  If we are down 12-8 heading into the bottom of the 7th, you will hear "We need five to WIN," rather than, "we need four to TIE."  The mental game doesn't waver.  
  8. "Retro-Night" is always in play.  You can still wear that snug Skyline shirt from 1992 for retro-night.  

Al -

Not everything can stay the same for eternity.  Not everything can be your 1984 Nike hightops with no sole.  "Soul," on the other hand, is what the GG/FRC are all about.  The soul of the members and fans that make up the team.  Say it with me, "Schlitz Gusto Guys Fighting Red C's.....SOUNDS LIKE RUNS!"  


One final question...When you talk to Garrett about the team name, did you request that our team name be written in ALL CAPS on the schedule?  I always liked that about SKYLINE.  


From: Al
 Softball Team
 Fri, March 12, 2010 8:28:31 AM
 Softball stuff...

Good Morning:


After 20-plus years playing softball in Burnsville as Skyline, we are changing team names.  For the 2010 summer softball season, the new team name is Schlitz Gusto Guys.


The reason for the change is Brian Niehaus has negotiated some new jerseys with the Schlitz guy if we changes the team name.  The Softball Director has allowed us to change the name.


I will follow up in another e-mail asking you for jersey size and number and letting you know what the jersey style and color will be.


In addition, the league fee is $715.  I will follow up with a cost per player as well.


Thank you.